Glenn Frey是老鹰乐队 The Eagles的创立成员。 The Eagles成立于 1971年,第二年发行处女专辑。他曾参加琳达.朗丝黛的伴奏乐团之前Frey曾和同乡J.D. Souther组成二重唱,创立老鹰合唱团后Frey还是常与Souther合写歌曲(后者在1979年也有首畅销曲"You're Only Lonely")。Glenn Frey 在The Eagles里负责钢琴及键盘,并且与Don Henley一起担任主唱。老鹰合唱团的特色是有着整齐优美的和声。这些和声编排大多是Frey的功劳(尤其是乐团成立初期),因此团员们给了他一个外号叫“The Lone Arranger”(西部片和卡通《独行侠》的谐音)。Frey 主唱了一些Eagles的热门歌曲,比如 "Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Tequila Sunrise", "Already Gone", "Lyin' Eyes", "New Kid in Town", "Heartache Tonight"。

作为Eagles的成员,Frey六次获得格莱美奖,五次获得美国音乐奖。 老鹰乐队在世界范围内共卖出超过120百万张唱片,于1998年被选入美国摇滚名人堂。

The Eagles在成为史上最为成功的乐队之一后,于1980年解散。


This might be my last party, might be my last night
So come on pretty baby let's do it right
Let's fill up the wagon, let's go down town
Let's find all our old buddies, before the ship goes down
Hey let's throw a party, way into the night
I wanna play the blues tiil the morning light
One thing I know baby, that brass ring's coming around
Let's grab it one more time before the ship goes down
There's no tomorrow we all know that
So grab your coat, put on your hat
It's one for the money and two for the show
Your time is up are you ready to go?
I don't wanna argue, I don't wanna fight
I just wanna go dancinwith you tonight
Wee everybody happy, everybody have another round
The water's rough, it's a stormy sea
Before you know it will be history
This is it, so light me up
Come on baby fill my lovincup
If somebody told you this was your last night

Wouldn't you want somebody to treat you right
Throw you a party, take you for a ride down town
And be with all your old friends, before the ship goes down
So love me one more time before the ship goes down




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